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Google is trying fix a mysterious bug that returns pages and pages of almost exclusively pornographic and adult results when users enter certain equations or search strings.

A Google search for “-4^(1/4)” at the time of writing revealed the result on a calculator, below which were several pages of porn links with titles such as “four guys and a hooker” and others too lewd to repeat here.
According to the Age, other search strings that return mostly adult links included, “1 2”-1, “1 2” -2, “h 3” -h, “1 4” -4 and “apple 1” -apple.
The first person to notice the bug appears to be a poster on Quora who wondered what was causing this ‘equation porn’ when users search for contradictory queries.
Google search engineer Jeremy Hoffman said that firm was working on a “bug fix”.
The results which i got :
google bug
Also you can check the images for more results..
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Ref. : Techgig

Fun with Google

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Google

Hello friends…

This blog is possible with help of Google so my 1st post dedicated to Google…
Google always surprise us by creating new things….So here is collection of all Google tricks or Google Fun  🙂
1. Do a Barrel Roll
  • Go to Google and type “do a barrel roll” (withought quotes)
  • Press enter and you can see your page is rotating.
2. Tilt or Askew
  • Go to Google and type “tilt” or “askew (withought quotes)
  • Press enter and you can see your page with some angle.
3.  answer to life the universe and everything
  • Go to Google and type “answer to life the universe and everything” (withought quotes)
  • Press enter and you can see the result as 42
4. You tube’s snake game
  • Go to youtube and search for any video.
  • Click in the frame right after the video starts loading, then immediately type one of the keyboard’s arrow keys, you can start playing a game of snake on the video as it plays.
5. Google Gravity
  • Go to Google and type “Google Gravity” (withought quotes)
  • Press I’m Feeling lucky and you can see everything is fallen down.
  • If you search anything, it’ll give you the result but all results will fall down and you can play with them.
6. Recursion
  • Go to Google and type “recursion” (withought quotes)
  • Press Enter and google will teach you what exactly the meaning of Recursion.
7.  Ninja on Google reader
  • Sign in to your google account and go to Google Reader and press the keys give below
  • up-up-down-down-left-right-left-right-B-A
  • now you can see ninja in your left panel of Google Reader.
8. ascii art-google logo
  • Go to Google and type “ascii art” (withought quotes)
  • Press enter and see Google logo at top left side….something different ??
9.  Once in a blue moon
  • Go to Google and type “once ina blue moon” (withought quotes)
  • Press enter and you will see some result given in number which exactly means what once in a blue moon means.
10. Anagram
  • Go to Google and type “anagram” (withought quotes)
  • Press enter, google will show you something different.
  • Now search for “an anagram” (withought quotes)
  • Google will accept that….Strange and funny but true.
11. Google Map
  • Go to google map and search for China to Japan, now read the steps given on left side panel.
  • Google Maps has creative solutions for some navigational difficulties. One is its advice to take a jet ski from China to Japan.
  • Not only from China to Japan….search for any two countries, it will show you funny results.
12. Pegman character
  • Go to google map and search for “pegman character” (without quotes)
  • zoom in fully and press satellite logo given on right side of the map, you will see something real.
13. Ninja google
  • want google with Ninja ??
  • Go to this site :
14. Google Miiror
  • Go to this site :
  • you will see the mirror image of google starting with its Name(website name) if you observ carefully…
15. Let me Google that for you
  • Go to this link :
  • Type anything and press enter, you will get 1 link.
  • Copy-paste that link in URL box or simply click on preview, you will see that someone will search for you the same query what you did in Google.
16. Zerg Rush
  • Go to
  • Type Zurg Rush and wait……you’ll have fun
  • To do more fun…click on what comes in front of you and play with it…
This is not End friends…..All type of Google page you will get here…
This is just my collection of Google friends….don’t know still how many Google product exists,
now you can imagine the power of Google…
Comment if you like this friends…..