Hello friends..

In simple words Reverse engineering means to create something new using existing system..

In terms of computer or software we can say to make a new software to change the working of the software as per our needs and requirements by understanding the code and to make changes in that…

Here I have given a small example where using a Software Debugging tool called “Olly debugger(ollydbg) we understand the code and using the name we fetch the key of Software..

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  1. i have a trail software but i can’t make into full version software pls help me…….


    pls help me
    email id:-rohit5patel5@yahoo.com

  2. Jaya Prakash says:


    I have trying this reverse engineering video…When i serch for all reference thing it shows unable to read memory of debugged process(771………),,,,Whats the solution? and i m using win 7 ultimate

  3. Rohin R says:

    will this work for learn next

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