11 Steps to enhance Social Networking Sites (SNS) Security

Posted: December 24, 2012 in Blogger Tips, Computer Tips and Tricks
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Hello friends…

Today no one having time to meet everyone personally…In such a world if something is there which connects people from one corner of the world to other then its Social Networking Sites.

In such a Digital World security becomes the big issue. We must want our account full safe and to achieve that here are some steps are given.

  1. Make your password complex using numbers, upper case, Lower case, special character for ex. F@c3b00k $3cur!tY
  2. Your password shouldn’t be same with other SNS’s
  3. Your E-mail id password must be different from SNS’s.
  4. Avoid Using Facebook Apps & if you find something like watch this video Obama died never click on the link better google about that video it must be scam to trick you.
  5. Never ever reveal your password to anyone including spouse, girlfriend, best friend, parents etc. this is your privacy don’t compromise it.
  6. Facebook, Twitter, etc. SNS even bank Websites never ask for password through mail so just be careful with these kind of mails its just social engineering attack.
  7. Completely avoid using SNS’s at public place like cafe, Airport, CCD’s there security is often very poor.
  8. For Girls you can call it orthodox thinking but be careful while adding any stranger in your friend list avoid adding any stranger change your privacy settings don’t let anyone post on your timeline, tag you etc.
  9. Do check URL in address bar while signing up is it fake or original even then the URL is correct and you failed singing in or it takes you to other page change the password immediately. Its called as Advance Phishing attack.
  10. Worse case URL is correct you are logged in as well and you are hacked as well. Big Problem!! This is called double redirection Phishing attack to verify this either check source code of webpage or carefully check the processing in left bottom corner (in Chrome) of page on which websites it is linking up you will come to know that its fake one if it is.
  11. Normally Facebook identifies and block the URL over chat if it is vulnerable like session hijacking etc. but if fb or other SNS’s are not blocking then don’t open any strange link or if you are willing to open then open it in other browser & an updated version of Antivirus total security must be on your system.

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