Test Your Antivirus

Posted: October 14, 2012 in Computer Tips and Tricks
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Hello friends…

today I’m going share 1 trick by which you can check whether your antivirus is working properly or not….

just follow the steps given below….

1. Update your antivirus.

2. Open notepad and copy the code given below.


3.  Save this file as  ” myfile.com ”  (name can be anything but extension should be   .com )

4.  If your antivirus is smart enough then it’ll automatically detect and delete this while when you’ll create else just right click on this file and scan it with your antivirus.

5.  If your antivirus detects and delete this file then congratulations….Your antivirus works fine…

6. If NOT then God bless your computer..

Share this tricks with your friends and be safe…

This is purely education purpose..

If you have any doubt you can comment or contact me on Fb.

This is my page : Learn Hacking and Security with Nawab

Thank you…


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