How to find Fake Profile on Facebook

Posted: September 8, 2012 in Facebook
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hello frinds…
today there are lots and lots of fake profile of girls we see on FB….here is 1 example…
in above all profile just by looking at profile pic any1 can send or accept her frnd req…in above all case her info, photos, friends are diff…1 thing which is common in all is just “female”…
so Q is how to find wheather they are real or not….simply download their profile pic by Right Click and Save Picture As..
Go to Google Images and upload that photo there…
if u’ll see lots of info with the same pic then its time to say bye-bye to that account….because its fake..
you can search it as…..upload that fake pic and write “in facebook” or “on facebook”and you’ll see lots and lots of fake profile with the same pic….
 if u want to do cross-checking….simply upload ur pic there and see the results…it wont give any fake results unless and until not any fake account was created with ur name 😀
so friends….don’t add such fake accounts into ur personal account…
 share it with friends….Thank you…

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